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Quality Control

Superior Quality Control for the Best Products Every Time

At Unique Extrusions, we help develop custom processing plans for each part with built-in quality assurance. We provide quick turnaround on prototypes and optimize your aluminum extrusion design results to eliminate false starts and expensive revisions. Our superior quality control team makes sure your parts are received according to all your requirements every time.

Quality Control Equipment

We proudly use the following equipment to deliver the highest quality extrusions:

  • Multiple CMM machines with CAD interface
    • 5 axis probe head
  • Optical comparators
  • Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Various Profilometers
  • Various bore, thread, and plug gages
  • Multiple calipers
  • CMM & Radial Arm Measurement Testing

Let our experienced team assist you in designing the best performing, highest quality custom aluminum extrusions available. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Experience 5-Star Quality-Control

For more information or to request a quote, please contact us at 860-632-1314 or click the button below. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

As one of the largest value-added aluminum extruders in the country, Unique Extrusions, Inc. offers high-quality aluminum products and services nationwide.

One Of America’s Top-Rated Extruders Providing World-Class Service

"Our company builds industrial machinery, and we rely on Unique Extrusions to supply one of the most critical parts on our machine. They have always been completely professional and reliable, and their quality has been excellent. Additionally they are very good at reacting to our needs. A few years ago, our weekly demand increased to a level that was greater than what they could produce on the machine that ran our parts. In order to help us, they worked out a way to move our parts to a larger machine that could handle our demand. When our demand increased again, they came up with a way to run our parts at a higher speed while still keeping the same quality level. Whenever we have a problem, Frank is always there to help, and I know that he exhausts all possible options in working to meet our needs.

Overall, Unique is an excellent company, and we consider them to be one of our most valuable suppliers."

- Kimberley Riffe, Vanguard Pailung

"Safe Conveyor Inc. manufactures modular plastic belted lightweight conveyors using custom extruded aluminum sections supplied by Unique Extrusions Inc. Since the initial concept and design of our conveyor system, Unique has been most helpful in providing their expertise in extruding aluminum to meet our requirements. With our goal of maintaining low inventory, their quick response and fast delivery has allowed us to operate “just-in-time”. We have been very pleased with the quality of finished goods that have been carefully packed for shipment. We hope to continue purchasing from Unique Extrusions Inc. for many years to come."

- Gregory A. Ferguson - President of Safe Conveyor, Inc.

*The reviews listed are from actual Unique Extrusions customers. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.