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Extruded Aluminum

Extruded Aluminum: A Catalyst for Progress in Various Industries 

Architects rely on the versatility of extruded aluminum to bring their visions to life. The process allows for the creation of customized profiles, enabling the construction of sleek window frames and intricate structural components that define modern architecture. 

Electronics Efficiency: Extruded Aluminum’s Crucial Role 

In the electronics industry, extruded aluminum plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance. By serving as an efficient heat sink, it effectively dissipates heat from electronic devices, contributing to their longevity and sustained functionality. 

Transportation Advancements: Extruded Aluminum’s Lightweight Solution 

The automotive and aerospace industries benefit from extruded aluminum’s lightweight yet robust nature. This material is instrumental in crafting components that enhance fuel efficiency in vehicles and contribute to overall performance and safety. 

Consumer Goods Durability: Extruded Aluminum in Everyday Products 

Extruded aluminum is a key player in the manufacturing of consumer goods, providing sleek yet sturdy frames for furniture and consumer electronics. This versatility allows for the creation of products that seamlessly blend aesthetics with durability. 

Renewable Energy Support: Extruded Aluminum in Sustainable Solutions 

In the renewable energy sector, extruded aluminum is utilized in the production of solar panel frames and wind turbine components. Its corrosion-resistant properties ensure the longevity of these structures, contributing to the sustainability of clean energy solutions. 

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Extruded aluminum stands as a versatile material with far-reaching impacts across architecture, electronics, transportation, consumer goods, and renewable energy. Its adaptability and efficiency make it a cornerstone in shaping modern industrial landscapes, highlighting the endless possibilities that arise from innovation and versatility. 

As one of the largest value-added aluminum extruders in the country, Unique Extrusions, Inc. offers high-quality aluminum products and services nationwide.

One Of America’s Top-Rated Extruders Providing World-Class Service

"Our company builds industrial machinery, and we rely on Unique Extrusions to supply one of the most critical parts on our machine. They have always been completely professional and reliable, and their quality has been excellent. Additionally they are very good at reacting to our needs. A few years ago, our weekly demand increased to a level that was greater than what they could produce on the machine that ran our parts. In order to help us, they worked out a way to move our parts to a larger machine that could handle our demand. When our demand increased again, they came up with a way to run our parts at a higher speed while still keeping the same quality level. Whenever we have a problem, Frank is always there to help, and I know that he exhausts all possible options in working to meet our needs.

Overall, Unique is an excellent company, and we consider them to be one of our most valuable suppliers."

- Kimberley Riffe, Vanguard Pailung

"Safe Conveyor Inc. manufactures modular plastic belted lightweight conveyors using custom extruded aluminum sections supplied by Unique Extrusions Inc. Since the initial concept and design of our conveyor system, Unique has been most helpful in providing their expertise in extruding aluminum to meet our requirements. With our goal of maintaining low inventory, their quick response and fast delivery has allowed us to operate “just-in-time”. We have been very pleased with the quality of finished goods that have been carefully packed for shipment. We hope to continue purchasing from Unique Extrusions Inc. for many years to come."

- Gregory A. Ferguson - President of Safe Conveyor, Inc.

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