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NAMA Vending Show/ Featuring Aluminum Extrusions

Unique Extrusions went to the NAMA Vending Show in Las Vegas, which was located in the Convention Center inside the Venetian Hotel and Casino.  We were instantly impressed with the turnout of the show given the amount of exhibitors and their large booths, as well as the amount of people gathered to go into the show and see all the products.  This show brought together a great variety of Vending Machines which offer products such as, food & drink, convenience products, coffee, tea, etc.  But this was not just a room full of your average vending machines!! Using new technology, these machines were upgraded to be more user friendly and essentially more fun to use.  We saw some machines with some really fun and exciting 3D and touch screen graphics.  We also saw some vending machines that looked like they had been transformed into one big Ipad, where nutritional info, flavors, brands, and all other information was available at the touch or swipe of your finger.  This show was also a great opportunity for us to not only see all of the new and exciting ideas for vending machines but also to visit our current vending machine customers, as well as new potential customers. We were able to check out the aluminum extrusions that are used inside these vending machines and let new companies know that we can make their quality aluminum extrusions, at a low cost.