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Largest Value Added Extruder in the U.S.

An industry leader for over 25 years, Unique Extrusions is one of the few and largest value added aluminum extruders in the country, specializing in the following services:

Extruded Aluminum Aluminum Extrusion Process

The custom aluminum extrusion process begins with a billet, a cylindrical block of aluminum material from which profiles are extruded. The billet must be softened by heating it to temperatures in excess of 700 degrees prior to extrusion. The heated billet is placed into the extrusion press, a powerful hydraulic device in which a ram forces the softened metal through a precision opening, commonly known as a die. These dies, crafted out of steel, are constructed by skilled toolmakers to create a wide variety of shapes ranging from simple bars of aluminum all the way up to complex multi-void hollow shapes. After, extrusions are run through the die, they are cut at the press in long linear lengths, and pulled from both ends of the piece in a process known as stretching. This process corrects the natural twisting and bowing that occurs to the shape as it runs out of the die.Custom Aluminum Extrusions After stretching, the material is then cut again, this time into much more manageable lengths, and cured in what are called aging ovens to ensure that the material is being brought back up to the correct temper for its designated use.



To work a material into a finished state by machining, forming or joining.


Finishing & Assembly

Unique Extrusions Extruded Aluminum Shapesprovides an array of finishes to give your extrusion the appearance your customers will be proud of. We offer a complete line of mechanical finishes, powder coating and anodizing.



Design & Quality

A thorough analysis of the customers’ specifications and requirements to optimize results and a faster turnaround.Extruded Aluminum Channel



Custom Packaging

Your order is not complete until the customer receives the extrusions in perfect condition, in easy-to-handle containers. Unique Extrusions will design a packaging program to fit your needs.

Our team is committed to “Complete Customer Satisfaction,” allowing us to build outstanding, long lasting relationships with our clients while providing the highest quality of custom aluminum extrusions.

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