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What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is a process by which metal is induced to form a surface layer of oxide by immersing it in a liquid electrolyte and applying electric current. The process is called anodizing because the piece being treated forms the anode of an electric circuit. Depending on the alloying metal and the thickness of the coating, […]

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Why should you choose Aluminum products?

Aluminum is the only metal that can be used in so many ways across a variety of domains such as, in the home, in transport, on land, sea, air and also in a variety of industries.  Aluminum is widely used in industries such as the gun industry, commercial lighting & stage lighting, Kayak/boating, health & […]

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Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is a process in which aluminum billet is pushed through a steel die to produce a part that has a uniform cross-section. The extrusion process can produce aluminum extrusions that have a very complex cross section. The process begins with the billet which is the aluminum alloy that is heated to 700 degrees […]

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NAMA Vending Show/ Featuring Aluminum Extrusions

Unique Extrusions went to the NAMA Vending Show in Las Vegas, which was located in the Convention Center inside the Venetian Hotel and Casino.  We were instantly impressed with the turnout of the show given the amount of exhibitors and their large booths, as well as the amount of people gathered to go into the […]

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Cinemacon Trade Show/Theater Industry featuring Aluminum Extrusion

Unique Extrusions recently went to Las Vegas to attend two trade shows. The first show was the Cinemacon Trade Show, which was a Theatre/Movie Entertainment Show. The show was located in two separate rooms inside the Ceasar’s Palace Convention Center and showcased every aspect of the theatre and movie industry that you could possibly imagine. […]

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